ACC Crappie Stix Super Grips Crossover Pole




ACC Crappie Stix’s Super Grips Crossover Poles feature a completely new design among Crappie rods. ACC Crappie Stix is using a rubbery/tacky grip aka “Super Grip” with a hybrid reel seat “Crossover” making these the most unique, comfortable and practical rods on the water. These rods paired with a heavier spinning reel in 1000-2000 series will create the perfectly balanced rod. The 12′ reach will make it perfect to fish those extra spooky crappie. The 13′ reach is the ultimate Livescope rod!


  • Super Grip
  • Hybrid “Crossover” reel seat
  • Perfectly balanced with a heavier 1000-2000 size spinning reel


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