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The Accurate 2230 is a high-quality 22-calibre pistol that is accurate and reliable. It is made with a stainless steel slide and barrel and features a polymer frame. The Accurate 2230 has a 10-round capacity and is made in the USA.


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The Accurate 2230 is a reliable and accurate pellet gun that is perfect for plinking and small game hunting. It is a single-shot, break-action pellet gun that is easy to use and maintain. 2230 has a rifled barrel make of high-quality steel and is fit with a precision trigger that allows for a consistent and smooth pull. The stock is make of durable hardwood, and the overall design of the gun makes it well-balance and easy to handle. The Accurate 2230 is an excellent choice for a high-quality pellet gun that is affordable and easy to use.

What is Accurate 2230 used for?

A twin base, quick-burning spherical propellant, Accurate 2230. Though it was created with the 223 Remington in mind, this adaptable powder may also be used in various small and medium calibre cartridges, including the 308 Winchester. Additionally, 223 performs admirably in large bore, straight wall cartridges like the 458 Winchester.

What can you load with a precise 2200?

Introduced to meet the growing demand for a high-performance small bore propellant, Accurate 2200® has become a varmint favourite. 2200® is an excellent choice for many cartridges, including the. 223 Remington, 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 SPC.

What type of powder is H335?

Hodgdon H335 Smokeless Powder is a flattened ball-type powder that measures very well. Originally, Hodgdon H335 smokeless powder was used to load army 5.56 NATO ammunition but is now very popular. 222 and . 223 Remington,

Grains are measured in grams, ounces and pounds. Remember that there are 7,000 grains in 1 pound of gunpowder, whether smokeless or black powder. As long as it weighs 1 pound, any powder contains the same number of grains, no exceptions. 1 pound of powder = 458.592 grams. Best Alliant Reloder 7 Smokeless Gun Powder for online.

Accurate 2230, formerly Accurate M-23, is a dual-base, fast-burning spherical propellant. This versatile, authentic 2230 powder is design around the 223 Remington but can use in many small and medium cartridges, including the 308 Winchester. 2230 also works well in large calibre straight wall cartridges such as the 458 Winchester. Excellent flow characteristics and 2230 grit make it ideal for progressive loading.

Manufacturer’s Disclaimers:

  • Do not exceed the charges displayed in the reloader guide.
  • Never mix two powders, regardless of type, brand or source.
  • Never substitute smokeless powder with black powder or a black powder substitute.

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    John (verified owner)

    heard about this on original pilipino music radio, decided to give it a try.

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    Owen (verified owner)

    The box this comes in is 3 yard by 6 light-year and weights 15 gram!!!

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    Michael (verified owner)

    It only works when I’m Argentina.

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