Ammo Inc 300 Blackout 155 grain BTHP Match 200 rd Ammo Can [300B155BTHP-B200]




Ammo Inc 300 Blackout 155 grain BTHP Match 200 rd Ammo Can [300B155BTHP-B200]

Got a new 300 AAC Blackout build and want to see just how straight you can shoot with it? Ammo Inc. has got you covered with this 200-round plastic field box! It’s loaded to match specs, and it’s all you need to start grouping shots tighter than the fruits on a bunch of currants.

This round’s 155 grain hollow point boat tail match projectile is engineered exclusively for accuracy. Its hollow point will not permit any degree of terminal expansion – it simply indicates that the HPBT’s core is completely form-fitted to its jacket. That heavy jacket is extremely concentric to complement its core’s superior rotational stability, and its ballistically efficient profile and boat tail help to conserve its velocity, flatten its trajectory, and reduce the effects of wind drift.

Ammo Inc. loads this ammo with their proprietary Hyperclean Technology. Its propellant burns up almost completely in order to mitigate the accumulation of accuracy-harming residue. This American-made ammo’s match Boxer primers and virgin brass cases tie everything together perfectly.


Manufacturer: Ammo Inc
Product Line: Range Pack
Model Number: 300B155BTHP-B200
Caliber: .300 Blackout
Bullet Weight: 155 gr
Bullet Type: Hollow-Point Boat Tail (HP-BT) Match
Muzzle Velocity: 1850 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1178 ft lbs
Quantity: 200 Rounds
Package Type: Box

This range pack from Ammo, Inc comes with 200 rounds of 155 gr 300 Blackout HPBT Match ammunition in an ammo can.

Other Features:
Hyperclean technology
Manufactured with match grade technology
Ultimate accuracy


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