Beretta USA 3032


The Beretta USA 3032 Tomcat Inox is small, about the size of an average cell phone. In addition to feeding 32 ACP cartridges, it has a solid and durable stainless steel finish. This single/double action auto pistol is suitable for deep concealment or used as a backup second pistol.



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Beretta 3032 Tomcat. The Beretta USA 3032 Tomcat and Beretta 3032 Tomcat Enox are semi-automatic pocket pistols designed and manufactured by Bereta.

What type of slides does the Bereta 3032 have?

The result was the Beretta 3032 “Wide Slide” Tomcat. Butberetta USA 3032 tomcat 2.4 inox 32 ACP has the slide been made more comprehensive, but the side rails have also now been raised to match the width of the grips. The beretta USA corp model 3032 tomcat fence on the right side of the gun is lowered towards the front of the breach to remove the spent casing. Buy BERETTA USA M9 22 LR for online.

Where is the launch of the Bereta 3032 pistol charger?

The magazine beretta USA corp model 3032 tomcat release is located on the left side of the grip. It is easy to identify beretta USA corp model tomcat and operate with one hand. The 3032 has a collapsible barrel design similar to the classic Beretta small frame pistol. Thanks to this design, you never have to set the slide and can load the first round directly into the chamber.

UPC 082442924298
Caliber 32 ACP
Capacity 7 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 2.40″ BARREL
Weight 1 LBS.


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