Hodgdon H4831 Smokeless Gun Powder



Hodgdon H4831 Smokeless Gun Powder  

Hodgdon H4831 Smokeless Gun Powder is a versatile, double-base powder that provides excellent performance in magnum rifle cartridges. It offers outstanding accuracy in .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield, and is also suitable for use in heavy-bullet, big-game loads in .300 Winchester Magnum and .340 Winchester Magnum.

Hodgdon H4831  

Hodgdon H4831 is a rifle powder that has been around for many years. But it is a versatile powder that can be used for various calibres, from small varmint calibres to large magnum cartridges. H4831 is a trendy powder for long-range target shooting and hunting.  

One thing that makes Hodgdon H4831 so popular is its consistent performance. It is also very temperature stable, which is essential for long-range shooting. H4831 is a slow-burning powder, which means it is ideal for use in magnum cartridges. But if you are looking for a versatile powder that will give you consistent results, Hodgdon H4831 is a great choice. Buy Alliant 410 Smokeless Gun Powder online.


The H4831 is a high-powered, long-range rifle cartridge developed by the Hodgdon Powder Company. It is based on the .308 Winchester case and is necked up to .338 calibre. The H4831 can propel a 250-grain bullet at velocities over 3,000 feet per second, making it an excellent choice for long-range shooting and hunting applications.

H4831 powder  

It is h4831 powder. But it is a white powder that is used in many different industries. It has a wide range of uses and is a very versatile product. It produces many other products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food.  

H4831 powder is an excellent powder that is very popular in the cosmetics industry. It is often used to make the foundation, powder, and other makeup products. This is also used in the production of pharmaceuticals. It is a very versatile product and has a wide range of uses.

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