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Hodgdon International   

Hodgdon International is a world leader in the production of smokeless powder. The Hodgdon powders is use by competitive shooters, hunters and reloaders around the globe. Hodgdon load data is committe to providing the highest quality smokeless powders available.  

Since its inception in 1952, Hodgdon load data has been at the forefront of smokeless powder technology. But Hodgdon powders have use to win numerous world championships and set world records. Hodgdon powders are known for their consistent performance and reliability.  

Hodgdon powders offer a wide range of smokeless powders to meet the needs of all shooters. Whether you are looking for a powder for your competitive shooting, hunting or reloading needs, Hodgdon powder has a powder that will meet your needs.

Hodgdon international powder  

Hodgdon International Powder, Inc. is a smokeless powder manufacturer in Shawnee, Kansas, United States. The company is found in 1952 by Bruce Hodgdon. Buy Hodgdon Triple Seven Black Powder Substitute 45 Caliber 50 for sale. 

Hodgdon powder Powder produces a variety of smokeless powders for reloading ammunition. But the company’s powders is use in various firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Hodgdon load data also manufactures a line of gunpowder for black powder firearms.  

Gunpowder for 12 gauge shotgun

Gunpowder is the propellant charge for a shotgun shell. It is typically a black powder, although modern smokeless powders are also use in some loads. The type of gunpowder use depends on the intend use of the shotgun.

The amount of gunpowder in a shotgun shell also varies depending on the intended use. For example, birdshot shells typically contain 1-1/8 ounces (32 grams) of powder, while buckshot shells usually contain 1-1/2 ounces (43 grams) of powder.

The expanding gases from the burning gun push the shot out of the body and towards the target. The burning gunpowder also produces smoke, which can give away the shooter’s position. This is why many shooters opt for smokeless powder with less smoke.

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  1. Angel (verified owner)

    I saw one of these in Saint Pierre and Miquelon and I bought one.

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    This midwaybuyusa ammo works certainly well. It energetically improves my golf by a lot.

  3. Daniel (verified owner)

    My neighbor Alida has one of these. She works as a gambler and she says it looks spotless.

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