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Hodgdon Varget Smokeless Gun Powder


Hodgdon Varget Smokeless Gun is a smokeless gunpowder that provides excellent performance in a variety of calibers. It has a clean burning formulation that provides consistent muzzle velocities and accuracy. This powder is a great choice for competitive shooters and varmint hunters.


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Hodgdon Varget Smokeless Gun gunpowder is famous among competition sharpshooters and varmint hunters. It is known for its consistent performance and clean burning characteristics.

Varget is a versatile powder use in various calibres and bullet weights. It is also a very temperature stable powder, which performs well in all conditions.

What is Hodgdon Varget powder use for?

The perfect powder for shooting the 223 Remington varget powder shortage with heavy balls in competitive matches. Exceptional performance and speed can be achieved in such popular cartridges as the 22-250 Remington, 308 Winchester, 30-06, 375 H&H and many more. Available in 1 lb and 8 lb.

Which powder is the same as Varget?

The closest equivalent to Varget in the UK is Ramshot TAC. Ramshot covers a range of powders in six calibres for rifles and three for handguns. Manufactured in Belgium, these powders offer consistently high standards for serious and recreational shooters. Best Hodgdon Pyrodex Black Powder Substitute 44 Caliber 30 Grain for online.

What is Hodgdon H4350 powder use for?

The H4350 is ideal in the WSM calibre family (270.7mm, 30, 325) and is also standard in cartridges such as 243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, 270 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum and many more. For magnums with light to moderate bullets, you can’t beat it.

Why is there no reloading powder?

One million new gun owners, the political climate and the COVID pandemic have combined to create shortages of ammunition, bullets, primers and powders. It’s nearly impossible to find exactly what you’re looking for in any of these categories.

Smokeless Powder Disclaimer:
  • Do not exceed the charges displayed in the reloader guide.
  • Never mix two powders, regardless of type, brand or source.
  • Never substitute smokeless powder with black powder or a black powder substitute.

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    Dylan (verified owner)

    The box this comes in is 5 yard by 6 centimeter and weights 12 kilogram.

  2. Avatar

    Phoenix (verified owner)

    this midwaybuyusa ships on time is ratty.

  3. Avatar

    Matthew (verified owner)

    My gentoo penguin loves to play with it.

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