Hornady Triple Defense .410 Bore 2 1/2″ FTX Slug 500 Rounds


Hornady Triple Defense this 410 Gauge Ammo with an innovative projectile column that features two 35-calibre round balls and a non-jacketed FTX slug,




Hornady Triple Defense  

Hornady Triple Defense is a new line of ammunition designed to provide the shooter with three different ways to defend themselves:

  1. A traditional lead bullet is designed to provide penetration and stopping power.
  2. A frangible shot intended to break up on impact and create a large wound cavity.
  3. A taser-like projectile designed to deliver an electrical shock to the target.  

This new line of ammunition is designed to give the shooter the best possible chance of survival in self-defense. It is important to remember that each case is different. The best way to defend oneself may vary depending on the circumstances. However, the Hornady Triple Defense line of ammo provides the shooter with a versatile tool for various situations.

410 self-defense rounds   

Whether you are a seasoned firearm owner or new to firearms, self-defense is a top priority. And while there are many other types of guns and ammunition to choose from, 410 self-defense rounds offer unique benefits.  

410 rounds are typically used in shotguns and are known for their accuracy and power. But what makes them ideal for self-defense is their versatility. 410 games can use in both long guns and handguns, making them an excellent option for those who like to be prepared for any situation. Buy Kimber Stainless Raptor II Semi-Automatic Pistol 45 ACP 5″ Barrel for sale.

Another advantage of 410 rounds is that they are less likely to penetrate walls and cause collateral damage. But it is an important consideration when choosing a self-defence round, as you want to ensure that your shots will only hit the intended target.  

If you are looking for a universal, powerful, and real self-defense round, then 410 self-defense rounds are a great option.

Hornady 410 triple defense  

The Hornady 410 Triple Defense is a versatile and powerful shotgun. But it is perfect for home defense, as well as for hunting and recreational shooting. It has various features make it an excellent choice for any shotgun enthusiast.


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