Lee Load-Master Progressive Press Kit 9mm Luger


Lee Load-Master Progressive Press Kit 9mm Luger is a great way to get started in reloading. The kit includes the Lee Load-Master progressive press, Lee Pro 1000 progressive 3-hole turret press, Lee safety scale, powder measure, reloading dies, shell plates, and a primer tray. TheLoad-Master progressive press features a sturdy cast iron construction and can reload up to 500 rounds per hour.


Best Lee Load-Master Progressive Press Kit 9mm Luger 

The Lee Load-Master Progressive Press Kit 9mm Luger is a great way to get start reloading your ammunition. This kit can quickly fill 9mm Luger cartridges with consistent, reliable results. This is an excellent option for shooters who want to save money on ammunition costs. Who enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of reloading their ammo. The lee loadmaster vs pro 4000 includes everything you need to get started. The Lee Load-Master progressive press, dies, shell plates, and a powder measure.

The Lee Load-Master progressive press kit is an excellent option if you want a high-quality, affordable reloading solution. With its easy-to-use design and consistent results, this kit will make your reloading experience enjoyable and rewarding.

The Lee Load-Master 9mm Luger Progressive Press Kit reloads rifle and handgun cartridges with ease and enough space for even the most prominent magnum rifle cases. It can use as a self-indexing progressive or single-stage press, and its five stations accept the most common reloading dies.

Is Loadmaster Lee any good?

The Lee Loadmaster Progressive Reloading Press doesn’t come cheap. However, it is lee loadmaster upgrades relatively inexpensive compared to similar presses. It’s good value for money IF you want a higher volume progressive press. The patience and attention to detail to learn and deal with all the settings and a few quirks.

Who owns Lee Reload?

Serving reloaders worldwide for sixty years, Lee Precision is 100% family-owned. On a personal note, my father, inventor of the “Lee Loader” and over 30 other patented reloading products, passed away on September 22, 2018.

What’s in the Lee Load-Master 5 Hole Reloading Kit?

Lee Load-Master 5-hole progressive reloading kit for 9mm Luger. Includes 3 carbide dies (full-size carbide, expanding powder and bullet seat dies), turret, #19s shell plate, Pro automatic disc powder measure, universal case loader and a small primer supply. Load-Master shown mounted on Lee Reloading Stand sold separately. Best Alliant Reloder 17 Smokeless Gun Powder for online.

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Kit includes 3 Carbide Die Set (Full-Length Sizing Die, Powder Expander and Bullet Seat Die) Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure, Turret, Case Loader, Round Ejector Loaded, Case Catch Tray, hull plate.

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