The Beretta Mod 1951: An Italian Semiautomatic Pistol The Modello 1951 represented two “firsts” for Beretta: the M 1951 was its first locked-chamber pistol and the first chambered for a 9mm parabalam cartridge.



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The Beretta Mod 1951 represented two “firsts” for Beretta: the M1951 was its first locked-chamber pistol and the first chambered for a 9mm parabellum cartridge. The Beretta M 1951 pistol was carried by the Italian Army and law enforcement agencies.

What does a 1951 Beretta Cal 9mm look like?

These will be marked “Beretta cal 9mm beretta mod para-Patent Gardone VT Italia” on the left side of the slide and will have the gravel grip with the familiar three-arrow Beretta logos. These beretta mod 1951 pistols will be paired with some M1951E models that have slightly smaller slides (1/8″), giving the gun the appearance of a longer barrel. Best Beretta 92X Full Size for online.

When did Beretta start making 9mm pistols?

One of Marengoni’s best-known products, the Modello 1934 pistol chambered for 9mm Corto (.380 ACP), was adopted by the Italian Army in 1934 and will remain in military and police service for nearly four decades. In the post-World War II 1950s, Beretta commissioned Signor Marengoni to design a pistol chambered for 9mm parabalam cartridges.

UPC GDC0000369199
Caliber 9MM LUGER
Capacity 8 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4.5 BARREL
Weight 2 LBS.
Finish BLACK


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