A Beretta Model 70S semi-automatic pistol is for sale in .380 ACP. Serial number – A35569Y. This pistol has three magazines. This pistol was manufactured in 1981. The Beretta 70 series of magazine-fed single-action semi-automatic pistols were designed and manufactured by Italy’s Beretta, replacing the earlier 7.65mm Beretta M 1935 pistol.



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Designed for the civilian market, the Series 70 pistols are an improved version of the 1934 model that served the Italian Army from the mid-1930s to the early 1950s. The .32 ACP and .380 ACP were reliable and straightforward chambering designs in 1934, and in 1958 Beretta updated it and named the new pistol the Model 70.

What is the difference between Beretta Model 70 and M1951?

As the replacement for the beretta model 70s parts Barrett’s line of compact/medium pistols, the Model 70 integrates the M1951’s takedown lever, guide bar system, slide stop and magazine release button into the bottom of the GR.

What is the difference between Bereta 70 and 71?

Model 71 was sold. 22LR caliber only, and the model features an aluminum alloy frame instead of the steel frame used in the 1970s and 1970s. This change to the beretta model 70s manual reduced the pistol’s weight by about 200 grams. 71 (and 72) were also marketed as “Jaguars. Best Beretta 92X Full Size for online.

The Beretta Model 70S is an Italian single-action pistol mounted in .380 ACP. This is a hardworking and reliable little pistol ideal for recreational shooting, target practice, and concealment carry when needed.

This pistol contains the original case with a 7-round magazine and manual.

UPC GDC0000384054
Caliber .380 ACP
Capacity 7 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 3.5 BARREL
Weight 1.6 LBS.
Finish BLACK


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