Daiwa Steez-G AGS Casting Rod




The Daiwa Steez-G AGS Casting Rod is Daiwa’s flagship rod, now upgraded, redesigned and is ready to live up to the Steez name.  Featuring a wide range of Daiwa industry leading technologies, these rods are truly the pinnacle of design and innovation. Daiwa’s AGS Guides are now even lighter than previous versions. The high rigidity of the AGS frame offers extraordinary sensitivity- relaying vibrations on the line directly to your hand. These AGS carbon fiber guides are now truly some of the lightest guides in the world. A step above HVF and SVF blanks, SVF Compile X is a higher volume of fiber and less resin- creating a lighter, stronger and more sensitive blank than standard blank constructions. Complementing the SVF Compile X is our Nanoplus technology. This is a proprietary technology that allows Daiwa to assure even distribution of resin and carbon throughout the blank, giving you maximum power and sensitivity from every angle. Also utilizing X45, a 45 degree construction prevents twisting of the blank for greater strength, sensitivity and hook setting power. Complete with Air Sensor Reel Seats for weight reduction and maximum palm-ability, peak performance and design have been achieved giving you a stronger and more sensitive rod. Each rod is designed for a concept, rather than a single technique- giving you maximum versatility when it comes to choosing the right rod for the job. All rods are equipped with Daiwa’s fully adjustable Daiwa Hook Keeper and a protective rod sock.


  • AGS Guides
  • Air Sensor Reel Seat
  • SVF Compile X
  • X45


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