Diamond Infinite 305 Compound Right Hand Bow Package




The Diamond Infinite 305 Compound Bow Package provides maximum performance and ease of adjustability, not to mention killer looks. It’s all in the Infinite 305 at a price tag you wouldn’t expect. Engineered for any hunting situation, in any environment, or backyard recreational use. The huge draw length range of 12 inches and 63 pounds of draw weight is quickly and easily adjusted without need of a bow press. The opportunities are endless with the Infinite 305. The Infinite 305 comes equipped with Octane accessories.


  • Unsurpassed versatility, designed for youth all the way to adults
  • Easy adjustments, designed to fit nearly anyone
  • Superior riser design, lightweight and stable
  • Furnace quiver
  • Stryker 3-pin sight
  • Octagon brush rest
  • Boost stabilizer


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