Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbait




With a three piece body providing like-like action, the Jackall DowzSwimmer 220SF swimbait glides through the water in an S-motion action during a straight retrieve. Create even more action and watch it dart wildly when twitched. Choose the action you need to trigger strikes from big bass. A wider joint on the front lure segment, along with a narrower rear joint, is the key design behind the wide S-motion swimming action. Need to target bass down deeper? A small weight can be attached to the additional line tie to make slow-floating DowzSwimmer 220SF sink into the targeted weight column. Keep that big bass hooked with 360-degree rotating bottom treble hooks – plus it makes it harder for the fish to use momentum to spit the hooks


  • Three Segmant Glide swimbait
  • Wider joint design for wide S-Motion swimming action
  • Swiveling bottom hooks rotate to keep bass hooked
  • Sink it slow with sinker eye design


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