Megabass Destroyer P5 Super Destroyer 6’9″ Casting Rod Med Hvy




The Megabass F6-69X SUPER DESTROYER is perhaps the epitome of the series, harnessing the successive technologies of each generation to challenge preconceptions of heavy-action angling. Built on a compact 6’9” frame, the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM harnesses greater power per inch to deliver quick, destructive hooksets and submission-inducing lifting power. The SUPER DESTROYER’s outstanding balance is geared towards a tip-up ready posture, the perfect battle stance for lure manipulation and lightning-fast hooksets. Not only does the shorter overall length contribute to faster hooksets, it also increases maneuverability, close-quarters control, and opens up new angling avenues to challenge traditional heavy-cover games.


  • IBCS reel seat
  • Zaldain 3D Dynamics Performance Grip
  • Destroyer 3D emblem
  • Destroyer original tight threading Fuji titanium frame SIC-S guide
  • End balancer
  • 5-D graphite system
  • Destroyer head locking system 3


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