Smith & Wesson Model 686 Plus 3-5-7 Magnum Series Revolver 357 Magnum


Smith & Wesson Model 686 Plus An L-Frame, Smith & Wesson: Double-Action Revolver Chamber In. 357 magnums. The Smith & Wesson L-Frame is a “medium/heavy” frame explicitly designed for long-term use at full strength. 357 Magnum loads, as well as any.38 Special ammunition.


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The Smith & Wesson Model 686 Plus offers plenty of Magnum firepower in a highly durable and reliable package. When Smith & Wesson released the 357 Mag in 1935, the “platform” was a giant N-frame revolver with a massive six-shot cylinder: the Model 27.

What kind of 686 magnum pistol?

686 was built on the old K. Smith & Wesson model 686 plus 357 magnums 357 Magnum frame, which, at the time, was a ton for law enforcement (I’m talking Model 19 and Model 66). This model is made on an L frame, similar to a K size with just one large cylinder and usually a bit taller. Smith & Wesson Model 60 Revolver 357 Magnum 5-Round Stainless for online.

What kind of gun is S&W 686pp?

S&W Model 686PP (USA – Revolver – .357 Magnum and .38 Special: Prominent Smith & Wesson model 686 plus 357 magnum 7-shot Combat Magnum Power Port 6-Shot Cylinder, Stainless) The inch version had an adjustable front sight option. Until 1994 they had a knobby hardwood handle from Alves,

The central Smith & Wesson Model 686 Plus difference between the 686 and Smith & Wesson bodyguard 380 models is the cylinder’s power, as the 686 Plus is a seven-shot – the cylinder is cut to receive moon clips 686 is a more traditional six-shot. Barrel lengths vary, with a 5″/127mm barrel for the Plus version and a 4″/102mm for the other.

SKU 150853
Model Model 686 Plus 3-5-7 Magnum Series
Caliber 357 Magnum, 38 S&W SPECIAL P
Capacity 7
Length 8.25
Front Sight Red Ramp
Rear Sight Adjustable White Outline
Action Single/Double Action
Grip Black/Silver “357” Custom Wood Grip
Cylinder Material Stainless Steel
Barrel Material Stainless Steel
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Frame Finish Satin Stainless
Barrel Length 3″ (7.6 cm)
Weight 37.4 oz.
State Compliance CA,MA

Smith & Wesson was founded by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson as the “Smith & Wesson Revolver Company” in 1856 after their previous company, also called the “Smith & Wesson Company” and later renamed as “Volcanic Repeating Arms“, was sold to Oliver Winchester and became the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The modern Smith & Wesson had been previously owned by Bangor Punta and Tomkins plc before being acquired by Saf-T-Hammer Corporation in 2001. Smith & Wesson was a unit of American Outdoor Brands Corporation from 2016 to 2020, until the company was spun out in 2020.1


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