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Vihtavuori N540 Smokeless Gun Powder


Vihtavuori N540 is a versatile, all-purpose rifle powder that is perfect for many applications. It is a reliable performer in full-size and compact rifles and can be used for everything from plinking to target shooting to hunting. N540 is a clean-burning powder that provides consistent results, and its high loading density makes it perfect for magnum cartridges.


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Vihtavuori N540 is a versatile powder use for various cartridges from small varmint calibres to heavy magnums. It is a favourite of long-range shooters as it provides excellent accuracy and consistency.

This powder is known for its stability in extreme temperatures, making it a good choice for shooters who compete in hot or cold weather conditions. It is also relatively clean burning, a plus for those who like to keep their firearms clean.

What is N540 powder use for?

Vihtavuori N540 is a universal rifle powder for various mid-size calibres suitable for hunting and target shooting. It is an excellent choice for cartridges operating from. 223/5.56mm to. 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield with heavier bullet weights.

Which Vihtavuori powder for 308?

308 Victory. Calibres in the late 90s. The n540 powder is an ideal fit for many 30-calibre magnums with lighter bullets but is also helpful in various shooting disciplines in a wide range of bore sizes. It is an excellent powder.

Is Vihtavuori powder good?

Vihtavuori powders are known to be some of the cleanest burning powders available. Many competitive shooters use them for this reason, in addition to meeting their other needs. The other thing Vihtavuori powders are known for is their precision.

What is the Vihtavuori N560 use for? 

The N560 is a common to use for big game hunting and sniper ammunition, especially for large calibre rifles. Especially in long-range hunting situations with suitable calibres and bullets, the N560 magnum powder shows incredible performance. Best Vihtavuori N568 Smokeless Gun Powder for online.

Vihtavuori N540 is a universal rifle powder for various mid-size calibres suitable for hunting and target shooting. It is excellent for cartridges ranging from .223/5.56mm to .308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield with heavier bullet weights. Vihtavuori N540 delivers exceptional accuracy with exceptionally clean burning. Due to the extra energy content of all N500 series powders, 30-40m/s higher speed can achieve with the same pressure level compare to the equal Vihtavuori N100 series. Certainly worth a try when using heavier bullets and when higher loading densities and muzzle velocities is need! Thanks to its symmetrical size (1.0 mm length and 1.0 mm diameter), the N540 fits well into reloading equipment and makes loading super easy.

Other important information:
  • Do not exceed the charges displayed in the reloader guide.
  • Never mix two powders, regardless of type, brand or source.
  • Never substitute smokeless powder for black powder or any black powder substitute.

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    Ryan (verified owner)

    I saw one of these in The Gambia and I bought one.

  2. Avatar

    David (verified owner)

    this midwaybuyusa ammo is tasty.

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    Hayden (verified owner)

    My hummingbird loves to play with it.

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