Knights Armament LR-308 SR-25 APC Upper Receiver Assembly 308 Winchester 16″ Barrel URX 4 M-LOK Handguard



Upper Receiver Assembly 308 Winchester For Sale

The 7.62mm NATO Carbine with the Upper Receiver Assembly 308 Winchester was designed to serve two purposes. Every PC is equally skilled at firing rounds at targets at a distance of 1,000 meters or engaging targets quickly with multiple shots. The 16″ PC upper with a 16″ cut rifled precision barrel with a QDC Flash Suppressor is the best option for precision carbines. The 15″ URX 4 M-LOK handguard, knights armament sr15 front and rear sights, SR-25 buffer, Kac sr25 upper, SR-25 action spring, and Magpul M-LOK cover kit are all standard equipment with this entire upper system.

Does the ka sr25 include a barrel?

The ka sr25 is the top of your AR-15 and contains the barrel, forend, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and any AR accessories you want to mount to the rails, like a scope. The upper receiver joins the lower receiver to form your weapon.

What is the main purpose of the airsoft sr25?

The airsoft sr25 and lower receivers are the two halves of a receiver in the AR-15/M-16 family of guns. In a two-piece type firearm, the upper part carries the barrel and bolt, while the lower part carries the firing mechanism and magazine.

What makes up a knight sr25?

Your rifle’s knight sr25 assembly consists of the upper receiver, barrel, fore-end, bolt carrier assembly, and charging handle, as well as other components of the AR-15 upper receiver. This device attaches to the lower receiver of your rifle to form your fully functional weapon.

Are sr 25 308 worth it?

An sr 25 308 is highly recommended for traditional speakers and almost always required. A receiver is not needed for active Soundbars with wireless or satellite speakers. Passive Soundbars will require the use of a knight’s armament sr15.

Made In the United States of America


Product Information

Cartridge 308 Winchester
Color Black
Finish Anodized
Material Aluminum
Weight 6 Pound
Barrel Length 16 Inches
Twist 1:10 Inches
Threads 5/8″-24
Barrel Contour Medium
Sights Yes
Barrel Finish Black
Gas Block Diameter 0.75 Inches
M4 Feed Ramps Yes
Upper Receiver Type A3 Flat-Top
Handguard URX 4 M-Lok
Bolt Carrier Assembly Included Yes
Muzzle Device QDC Flash Suppressor
Mil-Spec or Commercial Mil-Spec
Country of Origin United States of America
Compatible With
Knight’s Armament SR-25

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 8.365 Pounds



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